Because everybody needs a Ninja Bomb

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US Military and CIA claim to have developed a precision bomb that will cause virtually no collateral damage… Rather than exploding, the R9X missile can smash its way through anything in its path “as if a speeding anvil fell from the sky.” To give things a more dramatic feel six blades deploy out of the sides of the Ninja Bomb just as it hits in order to maximize its destruction…

NATO looking at startups & disruptive tech

Innovation is now a priority for the French Defence

Le ministère des armées a fait de l’innovation l’une de ses priorités. Il y a quelques mois, il s’est associé avec BpiFrance pour lancer le fonds d’investissements DefInvest destiné à soutenir les pépites technologiques tricolores présentes à la fois sur les marchés civils et militiaires


Should the Belgian Defence follow the French example ? Is Belgium too risk-averse or financially unable to do that ?