Because everybody needs a Ninja Bomb

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US Military and CIA claim to have developed a precision bomb that will cause virtually no collateral damage… Rather than exploding, the R9X missile can smash its way through anything in its path “as if a speeding anvil fell from the sky.” To give things a more dramatic feel six blades deploy out of the sides of the Ninja Bomb just as it hits in order to maximize its destruction…

Large scale UGV testing in UK MOD

The UGV domain is taking off… We need to keep up!

Innovation is now a priority for the French Defence

Le ministère des armées a fait de l’innovation l’une de ses priorités. Il y a quelques mois, il s’est associé avec BpiFrance pour lancer le fonds d’investissements DefInvest destiné à soutenir les pépites technologiques tricolores présentes à la fois sur les marchés civils et militiaires


Should the Belgian Defence follow the French example ? Is Belgium too risk-averse or financially unable to do that ?